2019 Industry Insights: What is the handloom mark?

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The ‘Handloom Mark’ is a symbol of the rich legacy and tradition of Indian Handloom textiles. The Mark is aimed to promote the brand of handlooms and develop a niche market for the handloom textiles with a distinct identity. This is a Government Of India initiative, you can check out their website here.

It takes a lot of work and countless hours to produce a high-quality handloom fabric, something poorly done within a few minutes on the power loom. Producing low-quality but cheap products that put both us, the makers of handloom products and you the consumer in a bad situation.

We welcome this move by the Government Of India.

Handloom Mark is registered for Certification Trade Mark under the Trade Marks Act, 1999 as well as for Copyright under the Copyright Act, 1957. Each label is coded on its backside for easy identification/classification.

This is categorical evidence of authenticity, for handloom & handcrafted products. The mark, as given in the picture allows authentic weavers to separate them from the countless power loom & mill products sold under the false garb of handcrafted.

Our commitment to handloom

We at Madhuri Exports will always stay true to our heritage as craftsmen and weavers & thus, we have the handloom mark on all the products we claim as handcrafted or made on the handloom.

How to apply for a handloom mark?

The Handloom Mark is only provided to certified vendors and artisans and other allowed parties who have handloom facilities and comply with the requirements set. The process can take up to a week’s time, you can register by filling out this form on their website. This is followed by an on-site verification by the Regional Offices of Textiles Committee. This process ensures that fake products and ill-equipped vendors are not selected for the coveted Handloom Mark. You can check out some of our products with the coveted Handloom Mark below if you want to purchase handloom-mark certified products in bulk, contact us here.

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