Kerala Sarees: A Complete Online Shopping Guide

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Online saree shopping sites in Kerala, just became a whole lot easier. Check out our guides to get access to the best resources for getting yourself the best of traditional Indian fashion. Check this article to find top facts about Kerala Fashion & our announcement.

What is the Kerala Saree?

The modern version of the Kerala Saree closely resembles the Mundum neriyathum (Malayalam: മുണ്ട് നേരിയത്) is the traditional clothing of women in Kerala, South India. It is the oldest remnant of the ancient form of the saree which covered only the lower part of the body. However, the Kerala Saree is like a traditional saree in draping, the saree is known for its intricate zari work and minimalist design. These sarees are usually just plain while or with one central motif and have an exquisite zari border.

Kerala sari consists of a single piece of cloth while a traditional Mundum neriyathum consists of a two-piece cloth. Otherwise, the Kerala sari closely resembles the Mundum neriyathum and is often worn by Malayali women as a quasi Mundum neriyathum.

This one-piece sari in Kerala is derived from neighbouring Tamil Nadu or Deccan during the medieval period based on its appearance on various temple murals in medieval northern Kerala, modified by combining two-pieces of traditional Mundu in Kerala.

Kerala sari is regarded as the cultural costume of women of the Malayali community. The grace and appeal of the golden borders contrasting with the otherwise plain white saree has become iconic The sari is a hot favourite during the time of Onam, not just in Kerala but in other parts of India as well.

Traditional Fashion Trends in Kerela

Kerala, like many of the southern states, has been a bastion for sarees, the popularity of sarees here in gigantic compared to some of the north Indian states. Cotton is the material of choice in Kerala as it is easy to obtain and breathable material. However, in recent years, Silk Sarees have also made a massive gain. Nowadays, the plain white saree has also been replaced with a more colourful but still duo-tone colour pallet. Often Kerala colours are usually mellow and sober with the most of the hues being bathed in sobriety. Check out our top picks at the very end of this post.

Online Saree Shopping sites in Kerala

While there are a plethora of websites (including ours) that can deliver sarees to Kerala. One must ensure that they always buy from trusted sources. Before a purchase, its always better to check the reviews on the website, their social media presence and possibly even talk to the store.

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