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One of the rarest Silks in the world is the Moonga silk from Assam, produced only in Assam and nowhere else. Luxury, resilience & legacy are the best words to describe the pride of Assam’s craft, the Muga saree. The matter that sets this Silk apart from all other versions is that it is golden yellow. It is the most expensive type of Silk and is used for making high-end; luxury products. One of the major highlights of Moonga Silk is its longevity. It is said that generally, a Muga Silk fabric outlives the wearer.


Origin Of The Muga Silk

Sericulture is an ancient industry in Assam that doesn’t really have a timeframe. Known to exist since the beginning of time, the first archives of Muga silk production coming into the spotlight was during the Ahom dynasty (1228-1826).

It was during this period that Muga culture thrived and became an integral part of the social and economic lives of the locals. Ahom kings were known to don only Muga silk and the fabric was stocked in the kingdom as well presented to visitors of their court as one of the finest local offerings.

Muga silk has been given the Geographical Indication (GI) status since 2007 and the logo for authentic production has been registered with Assam Science Technology and Environment Council. The Central Silk Board of India has the authority to inspect Muga silk products, certify their authenticity and allow traders to use the GI logo.

What makes Muga Silk Special?

Muga silk is the product of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis endemic to Assam. The larvae of these moths feed on som and sualu leaves. The silk produced is known for its glossy, fine texture and durability. The texture of a Muga Saree increases with every wash. This makes the saree extremely durable and beautiful. The usage of traditional Assamees Folk Motifs adds to the fabric. Its a fabric fit to have once rivaled gold.

How is Muga Silk priced?

From the rearing of the silkworms, to spinning of the yarn and finally weaving of the saree, it takes about two to two and a half months (75 days). However, the weaving of the saree itself takes about 15 days. The price comes from the compliance required to attain the Geographic Indication and immense resources required to produce the silk. All said, this is one of the most expensive types of silk sarees and can cost upwards of Rs. 4000.

The judge authenticity of a Muga Silk Fabric requires lab reports. However, the GI Status and tight checks make it extremely difficult for you to obtain a counterfeit.

Maintenance & Occasions

Its a durable fabric, so maintenance is not a big problem. Just make sure to not use hot water and heavy detergents. The occasions to wear this are big events & weddings because of the golden texture.

Read more about the history & science behind Muga Silk here. You can check our collection of Muga Silk below and also contact us for wholesale needs.

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