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We at Madhuri are committed to building partnerships with resellers and other retailers, in order to promote the embodiment of rich Indian legacy, our sarees, and other fashion accessories. We provide our resellers access to our products at a discounted rate, which they can use to build inventory and sell to their retail base. Our goal is to foster a relationship of trust and build value across our channels.

How do I register?

The registration process is quite simple. All you have to do it fill out the form and we will contact you with additional queries later, if any. The entire registration process takes less than 10 Minutes.

What is this program all about?

At Madhuri, our goal is to build successful partnerships and facilitate the sustainable development of the traditional fashion industry. The reseller network allows entrepreneurs and established businesses to buy our products at a wholesale rate to build inventory for their shop/boutique or website. Kindly note, that resellers have to order a minimum of 20 pieces in one order to avail resale rates. 

What are the terms & conditions?

  1. All resale orders have to be placed on cash basis. The payment process will be guided by our support services team. In order to  avail a credit period facility, the members need to have a established track record with us, we will notify members when they qualify for such a facility. 
  2. No returns are allowed apart from quality defects. 
  3. GST will be charged @5% on all products above the selling price. Members can submit their GST Number to avail GST Returns. The same needs to be provided before an order is shipped. 

How do I access the product catalog?

Resale Network Members will be added to our exclusive Resale Network Forum. They can check prices from those or contact our contact handels (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram) to ask for price details. 

We provide our members with photographs, write-ups and other marketing deleverables free of charge.

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