Spring 2020: 5 fashion points to keep in mind

Spring forest

With the celebrations of the new year officially over, we arrive at this new decade with a lot of promise and hope. Let’s start this year with our top 5 fashion tips for acing your look in the Indian Spring Season.

Spring is a confusing period, it is hot and it is cold, a simple Kurti looks to little but a Shawl looks too much. Especially for those of us who rely on our traditional Indian fashion choices. All things considered, here are our top 5 tips for you.

1 Silk is the way to go.

Cotton & Linen do have their charms but the January – February period is where the silk sarees shine the most. We recommend that you get yourself some Tassar Silk Sarees to sport the countless events that happen during this period.

2 Season of accessories

While winters make it somewhat redundant to have chic accessories and jewelry as everything gets covered in that shawl or jacket, this is the time you bring out your A-Game.

3 A jacket won’t hurt

It’s okay if you feel cold still, sporting a light jacket, with good lining, won’t take anything from your fashion score. However, remember that the weather is fast-changing, so be prepared to take the jacket off at a moment’s notice.

4 Colors galore

If there is one time when a color risk is worth taking, its springtime, get yourself the bright colors and floral designs. Trust us, they look better when you wear them.

5 The most important tip

This is the season where most exhibitions and fairs are held across the country with a lot of hustle & bustle in the fashion industry, we believe good fashion isn’t affected by the year but by comfort, so wear what you feel good in.

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