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Patola is a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk and made in Patan, Gujarat, India. These are very expensive, once worn only by those belonging to royal and aristocratic families. Our goal with our Sarees is to use ethically procured silk and use AZO-Free dyes that give the wearer both comfort and style, in every dimension. Ikat (literally means tie and in the Malay language it means “to bind”) is a dyeing technique used to pattern textiles that employ resist dyeing on the yarns prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric. This system imbues the fabric with a rich texture. Our golden zari work in the saree further adds value and finesse into your fashion.

It is said that this technique is taught to no one in the family, but only to the sons. However, in modern times, while most of the world has still not realized the equality in humans, the Patan Community has. It can take six months to one year to make one sari due to the long process of dying each strand separately before weaving them together.  Patola was woven in Surat, Ahmedabad and Patan. Highly valued in Indonesia, became part of the local weaving tradition there.

This Patola Sari is a proper nine yards saree, that comes with the coveted Handloom Mark, certifying the ethical procurement and high-quality. To know more about what the handloom mark is, check out this link. You can check out the rich history of the patola sari, here.

This is a 100% Organic Silk, Patola Saree, use cold water to wash and avoid using heavy detergents as they corrode the zari and the fibres. However, these sarees are very durable and last for many years, sometimes even outliving the buyer. This is a saree, with an aristocratic history and the wearer becomes part of the rich legacy, the rich purple texture only adds to that royal vibe.


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